Talkyard: A commenting system for Gatsby

Demo and installation instructions

January 19, 2018

Talkyard is a new embedded commenting system for Gatsby and other static site generators. It’s open source so you can install it for free on your own server. There’s hosting, if you don’t want to maintain your own server. No ads, no tracking. Lightweight, just 140 kb javascript (compare with Disqus, about 750 kb).

This website is a static Gatsby blog, with Talkyard comments below each blog post — look at the bottom of the pages. Talkyard is forum software too, with chat and Q&A features — so you can create a community for your website, integrated with the blog comments.

Demo video:

Here's a demo Gatsby discussion.

Longer demo discussion (the one in the video).

Quick test if this is for you

Maybe you don’t want to get a server and install, or sign up for our hosted service, just to find out if Talkyard works for your blog / website? Here’re three quick steps for you to try out Talkyard:

  1. Install the Talkyard plugin:

    npm install --save @debiki/gatsby-plugin-talkyard  # with npm
    yarn add @debiki/gatsby-plugin-talkyard            # with yarn
  2. Configure the plugin; use a dummy test comments account for now:

    // In your gatsby-config.js
    plugins: [
       resolve: `@debiki/gatsby-plugin-talkyard`,
       options: {
         talkyardServerUrl: ''
  3. In your blog post template: (or where you want the comments to appear)

    import TalkyardCommentsIframe from '@debiki/gatsby-plugin-talkyard';
    // And where the comments shall appear:
    <TalkyardCommentsIframe />

Now, restart Gatsby and look at the comment section that should appear below the blog posts. You can post test comments but they’ll disappear later on, some day (because you use a demo test account).

Are you satisfied with how it looks? If not, please tell us/me:

Real installation

If you like it, then go to, click Create Community and choose Blog Comments. Follow the instructions — and, in gatsby-config.js, change the talkyardServerUrl value to the address of your new Talkyard blog comments site, e.g.

You should also add a frontmatter discussionId: per-discussion-id to your blog posts / articles, so you can change the URL to a blog post, without the discussion disappearing; read more here.

Again, note that Talkyard also is forum software, with chat and Q&A features — so you can create a community for your website, integrated with the blog comments.

You can ask for help in the support forum, and suggest ideas. Or post a comment below on this page (test comments are fine too).

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